The stories you need to share

By: Andrés Oliveros

How is someone chosen for a new job, a new vendor contract or a new promotion? We would to think that we are all 100% rational, and that these decisions are made thoroughly and only taking into consideration facts and data.

The truth is different, even if we like it or not. Our brain has evolved to have both a rational but also an automatic-emotional-intuitive way of thinking. And guess which system makes more decisions? The second one!

So, if you want to be heard, understood, remembered and trusted, learn how to tell stories at work.

Cinco Historias is a 90 minute workshop that makes a promise to anyone who experiences it. You’ll find:

🛜 Connection stories, to make others be at ease,
💙 Character stories, to create empathy,
📘 Lessons-learned stories, to build trust,
🗺️ Origin stories, to explain why do you the type of work you do, and
💎 Performance stories, to communicate value.

If you think this could be relevant for your organization or team let me know!

About the author

Andrés Oliveros

CoFounder & Product

Andrés es testigo de cómo se desperdicia muchísimo tiempo, talento y energía en las organizaciones por operar como lo hacían en el siglo pasado. Desde el 2012 se dedica a ayudarle a líderes y a equipos en empresas globales a convertir estrategia en comportamientos y hábitos organizacionales. 💬

05 de September de 2023

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